Streamline Your Business, Accelerate Your Growth

Using an Affordable Application Built for Small Businesses

The SAP® Business One application offers a single, affordable way to manage your entire business – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Designed specifically for small businesses, it helps you streamline processes, act on timely information, and accelerate profitable growth.

Like many decision makers in small businesses, you want to focus on growing your business but instead find yourself dealing with a flood of daily operational details, ad hoc requests for information, and nonstop competitive moves. Meeting these challenges is difficult and time-consuming. When key pieces of information reside in different, distinct systems or locations, response times can lag and create customer dissatisfaction. And disjointed sales, accounting, and operational processes inevitably result in bottlenecks and
reduced productivity. Multiple systems mean additional work – such as duplicate data entries – which in turn causes errors and delays. Meanwhile, your competition is making it hard for you to find and keep customers.

To maintain a competitive edge, you need to streamline processes and find better ways to access the information that will result in the best business decisions. If you can effectively track and then access all customer-related information, for example, you can service your customers more personally and intelligently at every point of contact – locking in their loyalty and ensuring repeat business. And if you can accurately monitor and manage revenue and expenses, you are positioned to optimize cash flow, which increases your financial strength and gives you the flexibility to respond quickly when business opportunities arise.

SAP® Business One:
A Comprehensive Solution
SAP has a single, integrated software offering that can help – the SAP® Business One application. SAP Business One includes all the processes you need to run your entire business. Unlike niche solutions, it provides complete business management functions covering financials, sales, customers, e-commerce, inventory, and operations. And because it is designed specifically for small businesses, it can be installed quickly and is simple to maintain. Most important, it is easy to use.

Streamline Your Entire Business with a Single System 

By integrating all critical business functions, SAP Business One provides sales, customers, purchasing, inventory, operations, financials, and human resources (HR) support. And by capturing business information in a single system, it makes the information instantly accessible across the organization, eliminating duplicate data entry, costs, and
related errors. Its workflow-based alerts trigger automatic response when important business events occur, allowing you to monitor and focus on those that are most critical. Freeing you from constantly reacting to day-to-day minutiae, the application lets you spend more time driving the business forward.

Strengthen Customer Relationships and Loyalty
SAP Business One lets you manage sales-force automation and customer service and support by seamlessly integrating these functions with other business functions across the company. With built-in e-commerce and support for online stores, you can create an online presence, open new sales channels, and reach a broader customer base. SAP Business One also lets you analyze customers using data from sales, operations, and finance to identify ways to serve them faster and better.
Act on Instant and Complete Information
The application captures critical data across sales, customers, operations, and financials in a single system for immediate access and use. Intuitive reports based on Microsoft Office Excel allow you to click through relevant data and get answers quickly. Managers can accurately track revenues, costs, and profit margins so they can assess business performance and determine how to improve it. And
because the application lets you use Web-based tools, you and your sales team can access customer information from anywhere at any time, enabling you to be more responsive to customer needs.

Adapt to Meet Your Changing Needs
SAP Business One is easy to set up and configure, and as your business grows, you can adapt and customize SAP Business One to meet your changing needs. For instance, you can take advantage of the over 450 solutions, many of them industry-specific, that have been built on top of the SAP Business One platform by our software solution partners to help you customize and extend SAP Business One to meet your specific business and industry challenges.

Accounting and Financials
• G eneral ledger and journal entries
• Cost accounting
• Budget and project management
• Banking and statements
• Payment processing and reconciliation
• Financial statements and reporting
• Sales tax and value-added tax
• Multicurrency support

Sales and Customers
• Opportunities and pipeline management
• Customer and prospect contact and activity management
• Sales quotations and orders
• Sales and pipeline forecast
• Web-based customer relationship management
• Service contract management
• Service-call management entry and tracking

E-Commerce and Web Store
• Online product catalogs
• Web store integrated with inventory
• Online shopping cart
• E-mail and promotional campaigns
• Payment, tax, shipping, and handling

Purchasing and Operations
• Purchase proposals
• Purchase orders and deliveries
• Goods receipts and returns
• Accounts payable invoice and credit notes
• Bill of materials
• Production orders
• Forecasting and material requirements planning

Inventory and Distribution
• Items management and item queries
• Receipt to stock, release from stock, and stock transactions
• Warehouse transfer and serial numbers
• Inventory revaluation
• Customer and vendor catalog
• Price lists and special pricing
• Batch management
• Pick and pack

Reporting and Administration
• Microsoft Office Excel-based reporting
• Data migration workbench, userdefined fields, application program interface, and SAP Business One Software Development Kit
• Payroll accounting
• Employee directory and administration, and employee time

One Application, Multiple Functions
SAP Business One combines a broad range of functions into a single application.

Accounting and Financials SAP Business One helps you manage your general ledger, journals, budgets, and accounts payable and receivable. You can conduct all your banking activities – including processing payments by check, cash, and credit card – as well as reconcile various accounts and create financial reports for profit and loss, cash flow, and aging. You can also update account postings at the exact time relevant business events occur.

Sales and Customers With SAP Business One you can manage and maintain customer contacts with full Microsoft Outlook synchronization, which results in increased sales effectiveness and stronger customer relationships. The application lets you:
• Create quotes, enter orders, and provide better customer service from the office or online
• Track sales opportunities and activities from first contact to the close of sale
• Initiate marketing campaigns by using templates for mass e-mails
• Provide support for customer service, service contracts, and warranties
• Access customer and sales information over the Web

E-Commerce and Web Store Creating an online presence will help you level the playing field against larger competitors by allowing you to reach a broader customer base. With SAP Business One, you can design, build, and configure online stores using customizable
templates and tools that manage online catalogs and integrate negotiated, customer-specific price lists. You can use promotional tools
such as discounts and coupons. And you can synchronize all online orders and inventory automatically.

Purchasing and Operations Every small business needs a systematic approach to managing the procurement process, from creating purchase orders to paying vendors. SAP Business One helps manage the complete order-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, and returns. You can also plan material requirements for production, control bills of material, and replenish inventory automatically.

Inventory and Distribution SAP Business One also lets you manage your inventory and operations, including quotes, sales orders, shipping, and billing. You can perform inventory counts, monitor stock, and track transfers in real time and across multiple warehouses. In addition, you can run real-time inventory updates, inventory valuation, availability checks, and pickand-pack processes.

Reporting and Administration With SAP Business One, you can capture all critical business data across sales. “Drag-and-relate” functions and Microsoft Excel reporting functions let you to click through relevant data and get complete information instantly.

Designed Exclusively for Small Businesses
Drawing on SAP’s 35 years of experience with business management software, SAP Business One is an affordable, awarding-winning product built exclusively for small businesses from the ground up. Because it is a complete, integrated software application, it eliminates the cost and hassle of integrating multiple stand-alone applications. Its intuitive interface and extensive configurability minimizes IT complexities for implementation and ongoing maintenance.

To learn more about how SAP Business One can help your business streamline processes and accelerate profitable growth, call your SAP representative today or visit us on the Web at

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